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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

20 '09 Resolutions

I resolve...

1. to see a bamboo forest.
2. to stand on the Great Wall of China.
3. to go swimming in the ocean in every place possible.
4. to hear wild elephants trumpet in Chiang Mai.
5. to smell the cherry blossoms in spring time.
6. to taste sushi in Japan.
7. to touch an ancient Buddha.
8. to learn to meditate in a temple.
9. to remember how transient life is.
10. to forget my limitations.
11. to keep up with my yoga!
12. to read at least five modern classics.
13. to find new friends in unusual places.
14. to write about fear and loneliness.
15. to travel to a place whose name I don't even know yet.
16. to teach with passion, commitment, and silliness in proper doses.
17. to conquer the Korean language... or maybe just learn a few conversational bits...
18. to say yes to new opportunities even when i feel like being a hermit.
19. to organize a trip to Bali.
20. to plan another year as if it were my last.

1 comment:

  1. 17...

    So cool~~~
    I hope to clear all plan..
    (...이런 엉터리 영어를 써도 알아볼라나..;;;)