A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Window to my Seoul...

Love my city <3

Proof that I did indeed make it hiking. Even though we got lost in the "wilderness" and Maddy got the stigmata, it was a great day.

So beautiful! And a preview to this weekend's paper lantern festival!

Found a great new night spot. So much going on!

Foreign Teacher field trip! Day off work to explore a Korean Folk Village - kind of like the Korean version of Plymouth Plantation. Too bad it rained all day.

Architecture close up at the Korean Folk Village

Traditional Korean sweet. Tastes okay but it's made with magic... I saw it.

Cherry Blossom time!
In Korea, you have to pose like this with cherry blossoms. Preferably you should take the picture with your cell phone.

hamming it up... when in Seoul...

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