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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunshine Funshine??

Went camping at the beach last weekend. Took a six hour train ride to Mangsang Beach on the East Coast and the weather was crap. We still had a great time though, played some football, raced quads, shot off fireworks and drank too much Whiskey. Who needs the sun when you've got good company??

Check out some pics courtesy of the organizer/bday girl Eunyoung!

Our super sexy (and classy) first night's accomodations. Hey, who's picky at 4 am??

The ocean! Finally!!!!

JMP and out wonderful borrowed tent (that I lugged everywhere)

Wearing my fav "Englishee tshirt"

Lacy managed to blow up the beach ball although it was a bit too windy

teaching the Brits about football

loving Eunyoung, the birthday girl. Boop!

card games

All beach and no sun makes drinking a priority...

ummm... fireworks and sparklers??? yes!!!

survived the weekend... at the train station

Staking out the diner car on the ride home

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