A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Friday, September 25, 2009

From my sixth grade text book...

Cultural Gestures:

Thumbs Up

It means "ok", "number one", "president" (???), "best" etc.

Thumbs Down

It means "negation", "objection", "kill", etc.

Not exactly how I'd put it, but...


  1. Yikes, "Kill?"

    I can understand the president one. Presidents have been known to give the "thumbs up" to camera crews.

    I'm still worried about the "kill" though. :)

  2. I also teach in Gunpo and found something disturbing in a text book that I mentioned in my blog. (soyoumustpeakkorean.blogspot.com) If you don't mind my asking, how much were and how did you find your tickets to Thailand? I wanted to travel there for Xmas break, but it was a little out of my price range. If you'd like to grab a drink this Thursday or Friday, let me know. Vandroid Tieman on FB. Peace!

  3. My tickets were about 400,000 won round trip. A Korean friend of mine got them for me because she says the best deals are on the websites that are only in Korean. For this trip she was right, it was a great deal. I would recommend getting in touch with a Korean travel agent. I have talked to a few, but never actually used them. All of them were extremely helpful and know how to get you a good price.

    I'd love to grab a drink sometime. I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow but we should get together next week. I've added you on fb.

  4. brittany, how beauty-FULL the islands thailand...and the aqua-crystal water and feet-relaxing sand...the inhabs and transients living on the beach....the fresh fish that those boats haul in....and the sun-ripen fruits/vege.....the over-looking bungalo....the local beach /mountain bar....the full, quarter,half moon beach socials.....the mountain bar and interesting converses within.....my "arm-chair" travels via you are therapeutic to me....thank you.again.p.s. My only child/son is vanessa tieman's friend....say hi to nessa for me pleas