A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japan Photos

Beautiful Tsushima

So Fresh

Tissue Paper Mountains

Our Campsite

Clear Waters

Blues and Greens

On the Road

Paper Shades and our Balcony View

Playing Geisha

Our Reward

Japanese Harbor

A day at the beach


  1. Nice photos.., really. But I noticed that you haven't visited my country, Malaysia. You are most welcome to.... Just say when...?

  2. Beautiful country. So enchanting. Can you get Starbucks there?

  3. Ha ha ha... I don't think you can on the island, but I'm sure its everywhere on the mainland. I want to get myself to Tokyo and Osaka.

    Would loooove to visit Malaysia as well, it's on my list!!

  4. Vanessa tieman and my dear-heart son are seeing tokyo soon....maybe she will consult with you before they depart....you ,hopefully, will meet my son with vanessa.....he is a handsome, joy-ful school psych ...............I am sure your parents and sibs much miss you.....returning to them anytime soon, just for a visit ? I much alot appreciate/enjoy your writings and photos....argentina's tango history way interesting,also. May I snail mail you a little christmas present....I know it is costly
    as I sent vanessa a needed something, so do not hesitate to allow me to mail you. sincerely, jodie

  5. You are so sweet! I am going to have to find out what Vanessa and your son think of Tokyo so I can get started on planning my own trip. I would love to meet them both.

    I am really close with my family and I miss them a lot, but for now I don't have plans to return home. It's pretty costly and I figure I should put the time/money towards exploring Asia while I have this great opportunity. That doesn't stop me from bugging them to come visit me every chance that I get!

    It's so nice of you to want to send me something. You already do so much with your thoughtful comments, they make me want to keep writing. Maybe if you promise to put a return address on it.

  6. your geisha kimono likely of real silk....which has always befuddled me as to HOW silk worms contribute to silk making....would be grand to actually tour a silk-making factory....or any factory that produces so much of our imports here.