A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Asian Fact Time

There are a lot of black beans (and red beans) in Asian cooking. Beans and rice? Rarely. Black beans are used in Asian desserts. Steamed buns with black bean filling...mmmm And, I couldn't leave out my favorite ice cream flavor in Thailand... you guessed it, black bean. If that's hard to imagine, keep in mind these are not your Mexican beans. When sweetened, they taste completely different, and in my opinion, completely delicious.


  1. Britt!! alisha just sent me the link to your blog and i am so jealous! it is amazing what your doing and i'd love to hear all about it. hows teaching? and the pictures are amazing. the beach looks like heaven on earth :) idk how id feel about all those black beans though, but hey if theyre as sweet as you claim maybed i'd love it too? haha have fun and keep in touch!!

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! See the world girl! and tell us all about it. I love your stories.

  3. Hey! I just found your blog, good stuff. I too love the black bean; have you tried the fish shaped cakes on the street? They're filled with black beans, yummy!
    See ya Saturday

  4. Ummm no I haven't found those yet... but I am definitely going to!