A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I live in Korea and this is what I do...

I act Korean while riding carnival rides at Mud Festival
I hang with the locals

I make new friends

I drink and bike.
I eat lunch on the floor and drink Cass-uh after a long bike ride with the girls

I dominate wheelbarrow races... okay so maybe I lose them
I put the A in Athlete (along with the rest of the A Team)

I Tug-o-War
I haven't updated in a while... I like to think this is because I am busy and not because I am lazy... or because I have become obsessed with watching episodes of The Tudors and True Blood online...

In any case, I still love my life. I even still sometimes randomly yell out "I love my life!" when the mood strikes me. Even the torrential downpours that have begun this week can't dampen my spirits. The school semester is over and I'm spending the week watching Harry Potter over and over and over while preparing for summer camp. Not exactly ingredients for stress. I'll only be working half days during the summer and then I get two weeks vacation in August, so yes, life is good.

The warm, and up until recently, reasonably dry weather has made my friends and I more determined to get out and have fun. It seems like most expats around here have the same idea. Two weekends ago, on the fourth of July, a friend of ours threw a sports day. We made teams and competed in some ridiculous relay races. My team, the A team, performed pretty badly aside from a few glorious victories. We did have the best outfits though, which I think is more important.
This past weekend was the Boryeong Mud Festival. Picture this: a huge crowd of foreigners, a beach, mud pits, mud slides and booze... I think you get the picture. It was tons of fun, but unfortunately due to the aforementioned mud I was too afraid to bring my camera out... sad. Rest assured I did end up muddied from head to toe and I did beat up some people.

There are more exciting things to come... a Manchester United vs Seoul football game... river rafting and bungee jumping (finally)... a music festival... and just general madness in the city. Whoever said "the real world" is no fun was obviously living in the wrong one.

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