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Monday, May 11, 2009

A gift for your ears

So I'm pretty much obsessed with Korean pop music at this point. I hear my students sing it all day long at school, its blasting in my gym, on the street, in stores... It's awesome. So, I was psyched when I was catching up on my gossip via Perez Hilton on Sunday afternoon and saw that Giant Korean Boy Band extraordinaire, Super Junior, had gotten a mention from Perez.

It made me realize that I should be sharing the wonder that is Korean pop with all of you. So... click here and enjoy "Sorry Sorry" You can thank me later.

p.s. They must set a world record for most members in one band. I mean, its crazy.

And don't worry... there is more Korean pop to come


  1. omg i've been obsessed with Supior Junior for a while now, especially that song, although have you seen the video for their song "miracle"? if not, watch it ASAP bc it's AWESOME.

    i'm also really into BoA's song "eat you up", heard that one?
    yeah k-pop rocksssss. Also, k-pop is my new nickname.


  2. uh i mean 'super junior', not 'supior junior'. i clearly dont proofread before i post... although, that would be a good way to spell it....

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