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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In other news...

A group of foreigner teachers are currently under quarantine in Seoul for Swine Flu. Schools all over Seoul are trying to limit foreigner to foreigner contact. Luckily mine hasn't succumbed to the hysteria yet. Check out the hilarious blog straight from the quarantine room... Hang in there guys! No worries, kimchi can cure anything!! (Watch this to see how...)

North Korea has decided that once you pop you just can't stop and is sending missiles out like fireworks. I also read an interesting article about how U.S. experts are trying to determine how long Kim Jong Il will live based on two month old photos released by the North Korean government. Right, because all the information released by that government is so reliable... Why is it that dictators never seem to die of natural causes until they've reached the ripe old age of 437?

On a more somber note, the former South Korean president committed suicide over the weekend amid accusations of bribery. From what I am told, he was popular with the people and the charges are somewhat overblown and part of a tradition of incoming administrations to heavily investigate former leaders in an attempt to gain support.

It has been an eventful week in Korea to be sure. I'm feeling pretty good right now as neither missiles or H1N1 have managed to do me in (for now...).

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