A Year in Seoul - video by Maddy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I just came back from watching my school's 4th Grade Talent Show wearing a huge smile. Not only is fourth grade the absolute best age to teach, most of my individual favorites come from that grade as well. They are still unaffected by the insecurities of puberty but they're old enough to joke around with me and make me laugh.

The half dozen recorder performances were as to be expected... inhumane, but there were some great song and dance routines to all the current KPop. Of course there was a taekwondo performance (for all you non-Koreans its pronounced TAY-kwondo, not THAI-kwondo) in which the students broke boards with their hands. I felt the boards after and I must say, I was pretty impressed. To cap it off was a little piano prodigy.

My absolute favorite, however... by far... was the three boys who did a jump rope dance routine (that's right) to KPop favorite, Heart breaker. Not only was it original, they were unbelievably good at it. I really hope they weren't forced into hours of practice for weeks on end by overeager parents. They really seemed to enjoy it, so I'm thinking not. My heart didn't break, it melted. Once again, I love my job. If only I had brought my camera!!

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  1. oh Britt! what a show and I ditto re: no camera. I stand informed re" TAY kwondo, which is tidbit I will share with some youth learners .....am volunteer Boys/girls club here......who just happen to be learning taekwondo basics, coincindental or ?? !!! Thanks, Britt. I am so joyed to hear that you love what you are doing (forget "JOB" word...has negative vibes, to me) and admire your heart-felt spirit re; your vocation..congrats...you have made good decisions for yourself.