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Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Fever

Before I left the States, everyone asked me, "Aren't you worried about being so close to North Korea?" I really wasn't. The way I see it, in the event of a nuclear attack, the safest place to be is as close to the attacker as possible.

Well, it's only been a month and North Korea has already managed to shoot a missile. It's funny because the whole issue was a lot calmer here than it was on the New York Times website. Life just carried on through the waiting period and through the launching. No surprise, the missile was a dud, provoking a lot of "strong statements" from foreign leaders, but very little action. I must be living in the most placid war zone ever.

So nuclear war has not managed to kill me off, but the Korean common cold just might do the trick. It has been a solid week of a sore throat, stuffy nose, pounding head, and spiking fevers. The fevers rage out of control, and though I haven't been able to take my temperature, the sticky sweat that coats my skin during my morning classes is a pretty good indication that it's high. Did I mention that I'm dizzy and nauseous and unable to eat? I'm no baby when it comes to sickness, but really, kill me now.

The universe showed me some kind of mercy by allowing me a day off on Wednesday for local elections. The weather has been gorgeous, so even though I can't smell the spring air and the sunlight hurts my head (and well, everything hurts my everything...) I dragged myself outside and laid in the park with an equally sick Lacy. I dragged myself through disorienting fevers on Thursday and then came to school without the one thing necessary for teaching on Friday... my voice.

Damn Korean germs.

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